My Security Console

My Security Console provides advanced protection against online threats and security breaches to prevent financial loss caused by viruses and malware, ransomware & extortion, unplanned downtime and data corruption. Arm your business with the expertise, technology and personnel needed to defend against constantly changing threats and attacks.

Technology + Expertise

Protects against inbound threats, prevents users from accessing malicious sites and helps identify systems infected by the latest malware able to bypass and hide from anti-virus. Systems are actively monitored using automated analytics and real cybersecurity experts to identify threats and troubleshoot problems.

Easy to deploy and manage

The security appliance is installed at the network edge with no configuration changes needed to existing routers or firewalls. The solution is centrally monitored by cybersecurity experts who assess threat information and guide IT personnel to quickly contain and resolve issues to keep your business up and running.

Save time and money

Getting security right takes time and expertise. Getting it wrong is easy and can result in costly breaches, ransomware and lost revenue due to unplanned downtime. Our cybersecurity solution and experts solve this problem by taking on the cybercriminals allowing you and your staff to focus on the projects and activities that drive your business.


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